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The Difference Between Then and Now: A High School to College Narrative

You either hear people say "high school are the best four years of your life" or you hear "college is the best four years of your life." I'm not sure who said that about high school, but they were dead wrong; at least in my case. High school was the absolute worst time of my life. There were so many struggles with education, social life, and even my home life. It didn't cease when I got to college, but it slowly got so much better. These last 4 year were definitely the best of my life. Graduating high school was 100% a joyful day because I was leaving behind a chapter of my life that I could not wait to close, and starting one I could not wait to start. Now here I am, closing another chapter, but this time I have so many mixed emotions I don't even know where to begin.

High school graduation

I feel like it was yesterday

Getting ready to put on my white cap and gown

To walk across the stage and celebrate with friends I didn't know didn't care about me

I remember crying but I'm not really sure why

I think it was more emotional because I was growing up and taking a big step forward

Taking a big step out of a school that gave me horrible memories

A town that destroyed my family

And people who were so toxic you would think it was a wasteland

Hearing my name being called

Walking across that stage

I knew I was leaving a HUGE piece of my past behind me

A piece that could not longer haunt me

College graduation

It took forever for this moment to hit me

This moment of realization that I am closing another chapter

But this time it's a chapter I don't wanna forget

I'm ready for it to end

But i'm not ready to say goodbye

I'm happy but i'm hurting

Leaving friends that I know care about me and love me unconditionally

Knowing I won't be seeing them in September

It stings and i'm aching

In only a week i'll be putting on my black cap and gown

Hearing my name

And walking across another stage to another new chapter

But this time I will cherish it, I will remember it, and bring it with me everywhere


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