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The ABC Of Mental Health

It’s the small steps that, when taken every day, lead to big changes. This is a mini-guide on how to be happier with yourself and others.

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(Small note: The ABC is stopping at W, as I couldn’t find a word beginning with Z that is strongly connected to mental health.)

A for acceptance

Accept what you can change and what you can’t. Accept what has happened to you and what you can’t control. Please don’t be hard on yourself: many people have written books on acceptance in their forties or older because they couldn’t figure it out before, so relax! Acceptance takes time, but it’s never too late to start now.

B for be your best friend

If you’re like me, you give your friends good advice and act like a drill sergeant with yourself. But it’s time to change your perspective. What if you become your own best friend? What advice would you give to yourself? I’m sure that you’d compliment yourself more!

C for (self) care (candles, cake, and chocolate work as well)

Show some care towards your loved ones. When your friends tell you their struggles, actively listen and think of how you might help them. Also, practice self-care by dedicating yourself to activities you like (ideally before and after engaging with stressful activities).

D for dinner with yourself

I’ve tried this a couple times, and I felt so good. Whether it’s going to a restaurant alone (yes, that’s totally fine!) or cooking for yourself, treat yourself once in a while to your favorite meal and enjoy it fully! Put on your fave show in the background or relaxing music while cooking. Try a new recipe or a fast one on TikTok—you can get creative!

E for empathy

Next time you feel like arguing with someone, take a breath and ask yourself, “How does the person feel?” I used to struggle a lot with empathy because I am quite impulsive. Empathy is also great if you don’t know how to approach someone going through hard times. Try to put yourself in their shoes before saying or doing something that might hurt them.