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Stop Equating Productivity to Worth

10 things I wish someone had told me in quarantine, and a reminder to be nice to yourself.

Listen up, fellow 3-coffee-a-day hustlers turned lazy folk. You’re not less of a person for not living up to ideals you see on social media, especially during a global crisis.

I get it. It’s hard not to feel like your personal progress is ruined when you're separated from friends you rely on to hype you up, living back under your parents’ roof, and struggling to get out of bed to work from home.

Say it with me, “I am still a bad bitch in sweats.” Or in no pants, surrounded by everything bagel crumbs.

Ignore everyone who says routines are a must.

No one has gone through this before, so there’s absolutely no right way to deal with it. Everyone is trying to get through the day as best as they can.

A solid routine works for you? Fabulous. Gone completely nocturnal and your screen time is up to 12 hours a day? That’s okay too.

Do you really think now is the time to get a 6-pack?

This is a big one. I haven’t felt this negative about my body since high school, and I’m sick of social media feeling like fat camp.

I appreciate legitimate, educated fitness gurus sharing their knowledge on the internet, but I can’t be the only one shouting at the trainer or crying halfway through an online workout video. They can’t hear me anyway, right?