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Sorry Babe, but You're Not My OnlyFan

I asked young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 how they would feel if their partner had an OnlyFans account. I can't say I expected the outcome.

A few days ago I posed a very simple question to a pool of 18-21-year-olds:

"Would you be comfortable if your significant other was involved in OnlyFans, or sex work in general? "

The responses I received reflect a very split mindset on a very new industry for young people.

*Now, being the mature adult that I am, I will be taking an unbiased view of these responses and try to break down how the majority of people responded to this question. I think I can break down the pool of responses into about 3 categories, one for yes and two for no. Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into how young people view sex work.

The first group of people we’ll cover are the “yes” people.

Basically, they're those who wouldn’t mind if their partner was involved in sex work of some kind. Most of the individuals polled for this gave their responses anonymously, but for those that didn’t, including the ones I polled in person, they all basically said the same thing, something along the lines of “It’s their body, why should I tell them what to do with it?

I will also note that the individuals that chose not to be anonymous and answered yes were all women. It is entirely possible that someone who answered anonymously was a male who said "yes," but, as of now, as far as I know, this mindset is reflected more so by the women I polled.

The reasoning behind their answer was fairly expected, and it reflects the mindset I figured I would hear when I set out to talk to people about this, but on the other side, I was surprised to hear two different main arguments from those that would not feel comfortable with their partner in sex work.