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Nova Rose's New Single Is a Summer Bop

Musician Nova Rose talks about her latest single "Just in Case," her songwriting process, and how quarantine has impacted her creativity.

How has quarantine and social distancing impacted your creativity?

It has in a way limited how much I see and interact with other artists, who often times inspire me to create! However, I became resourceful and started doing FaceTime writing session and even learned how to properly track my own vocals in order to finish tracks.

“Just in Case” hits deep for young people in love. What’s the meaning behind the song?

It’s definitely a song that is up for interpretation no matter who is listening to it. For me, it’s a song about early relationships, and for some, the anxiety we get when starting out. Not knowing if that person really likes you and kind of spiraling with negative thoughts that seem realistic.

What’s your songwriting process like?

It depends! Sometimes I start a song on my drive home from work, just humming a melody and then sometimes I get into the studio and start brainstorming with the other writers and producers.