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Cheer's Shannon Woolsey Reflects on Life After Navarro

The career of Netflix star and athlete, Shannon Woolsey, is still going strong as she moves on to Texas Tech, but she remains a Navarro bulldog at heart.

Shannon Woolsey sat down for an interview with MUD, where the Netflix Cheer star and athlete reflected on the second season, her college cheer career, and life post Navarro at Texas Tech.
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Shannon never pictured herself to be in this position. In fact, she was never supposed to go to Navarro. She had a plan for herself: go to a big school and cheer during the football games. Shannon wanted to still cheer for a school, and cheering for the All-Star team at Navarro was her ticket to doing this. Being a part of such prestigious teams, both all-star and in college, have given her a drive to become the best athlete she can be.

Despite her natural confidence for being on the mat, CHEER star Shannon Woolsey got an early start in gymnastics. She used to sit on the sidelines and watch the cheer team practice, which motivated her to sign up for the sport at the young age of six years old.

We first meet Shannon on season 1 of Cheer. You’ll be happy to know that she radiates the same warmth even when she’s not filming. She’s passionate about the sport, and everything she achieved under the coaching of Monica Aldama and alongside her team.

Cheer is a competitive sport; everyone is always trying to be the best. If you watch the show, you know Monica pushes her athletes to be the best they can, both on and off the mat. Shannon acknowledges that she has been blessed with the people she has been able to work with.

“Being coached by Monica, I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be coached by Monica. She is seriously amazing, and I wish I could stay there forever,” Shannon said.

When we last saw Shannon on TV, she had decided to come back to Navarro. Season 2 of Cheer picks up on her third season with the team. The series was given a new format because of the pandemic, and it offers a glimpse on the lives of these athletes and how they cope with the disappointment of their passion being put on pause. Despite Shannon being injured most of this season, her hard work and determination paid off as she ended up making it to the mat.

“Cheer is seriously the most addicting sport out there. I think Cheer, with the adrenaline and family aspect you get, I don’t think any sport out there relates,” Shannon said.

On top of filming what would become a hit Netflix show, Shannon and the team are all still students. Dealing with being a student athlete and newfound fame was tricky at first, but it opened up amazing opportunities for Shannon. From brand deals to appearing on the Ellen show twice, meet and greets, to even touring the Netflix headquarters, so many exciting opportunities that she earned presented to her.