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Nessa Barrett Gets Personal in Latest Single, "Dying on the Inside"

The singer and songwriter has released her "most honest song" to date, where she opens up about her experience with her eating disorder.

Nessa Barrett releases her most honest song to date in new single, “dying on the inside." In this new single, Nessa opens up about her experience with her eating disorder, which solidifies her unique and raw songwriting process that was previously showcased on her debut EP pretty poison.
Photo: Kristen Jan Wong

Nessa Barrett is proving once more that she's not afraid to get vulnerable, especially when it comes to doing what she loves most. In her signature Nessa songwriting fashion, "dying on the inside" is an honest look at the singer's personal experience dealing dealing with beauty standards and societal pressures.

“I've talked about my borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression,” Nessa Barrett said about her songwriting process, “but the one thing that I have been struggling to open up about has been my eating disorder.”

While Barrett continues to be a fearless artist by releasing honest and raw music about what it's like to be young today, she revealed that writing this new single proved to be a cathartic experience.

“The first time I heard ‘dying on the inside,’ I burst into tears,” she revealed. “I couldn't stop crying. It is one of the most honest songs that I've ever made.”

Watch the music video to "dying on the inside" by Nessa Barrett here:


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