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Nathan Webb Gives You an Intimate Glimpse into the "Too Hot to Handle" Villa

From his unique path as an exotic dancer to his fun-packed trips with fellow cast members, Nathan Webb’s world has changed dramatically since the show wrapped up. And while the cameras left little unfilmed, MUD sat down with the British star to discuss his new and revitalized life post-Lana.

Nathan Webb from Netflix Too Hot to Handle talks all about the villa, Lana, and what his life has been like after the show. He also talked about his trip with Melinda Melrose, Peter Vigilante, and Cam and Emily.
Photo: Nathan's Instagram

Aside from an amazing physique and killer smile, the first thing I noticed about Nathan is his ability to make anyone feel like his friend.

A Texan cowboy with English roots, Nathan is the show’s resident good guy. Our conversation flowed as it would between two old friends sharing a laugh here and there about the mishaps that happened on and off camera, and the details that we, the entertained audience, couldn’t perceive from our couches. While the majority of our chat pertained to the newest season of the Netflix hit show, I also gained insight on who Nathan is when he’s not being surveilled by a celibacy-loving cone.

Though life at the Lana-ruled villa wrapped up months ago, this year has changed in ways Nathan never expected. His everyday routine before the show came out was just like any other British man living in Dallas: driving his truck to and from his job as an exotic dancer and wearing a shirt as little as possible. While he proved on camera that he’s got the moves, Nathan’s openness about his career and passions adds another layer to his charisma. If you’re anything like me, you know there’s one question I just had to ask. For his on-stage performances, Nathan’s “Magic Mike” routine song is “My Bed” by Chris Brown.

“When I’m at the club, I have to stop myself from doing my routine if the song comes on,” Nathan said in between laughs. “It’s a different kind of dancing. People are, you know, dancing on the dance floor and I’m over here body-rolling. Like, I can’t do this. I’m at a nightclub!”