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Is It Your Time to Start Dating Again?

9 questions to help you find what you're really looking for.

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Dating kinda sucks.

You scroll through Tinder, wander around bars, and snap randos to see who's normal enough to actually get to know.

It’s boring, underwhelming, frustrating, and way overhyped.

How are you ever supposed to make it to the second date when the red flags are so obvious on the first?

Oh, and what about when you finally get to the second date and realize that being in a relationship is the last thing you actually want?

Personally, I’d rather figure that out before I waste the time and money.

So, I thought I’d put together some questions to help you figure out what situation would be ideal for you right now.

Be honest with yourself when you make your choices because this might just solve all of your dating problems.

1. What's your current mindset?

A. I'm ready to get to know someone new

B. Just bored

C. Next guy who isn't holding up a fish, gets my number (why is this a thing)

D. I'm a bad bitch (purr)

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2. Who catches your eye?

A. The one with the best personality

B. The good looking guy who compliments me

C. The one who always responds

D. Shirtless. Pics. Only

3. Do you want to have sex on the first date?

A. No, I want to get to know him - not his dick (maybe both?)

B. Whatever happens, happens

C. If he pays for dinner, then sure

D. No dinner, straight to dessert (we do love dessert)

4. How will you handle rejection?

A. Make a TikTok (thirst traps baby)

B. Keep texting him anyway

C. Cry myself to sleep

D. Get ready for hot girl summer

5. Are you over your ex?


B. Yes... but his face is still all over my camera roll

C. I miss him

D. He’s blocked on all platforms (peep my other story 1-800-BLOCK HIS NUMBER)

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6. How committed are you willing to be?

A. All in with one person

B. I wanna play the field

C. Commitment? I didn’t sign up for that

D. My snap score is over 1 mil (...)

7. Are you ready to be open and honest when talking about yourself?

A. Yes, but only if he tells me about himself too

B. HELL NO he doesn’t need to know shit about me

C. I don’t really care

D. No talking please

8. How confident are you?

A. I'm the shit

B. Depends on the day

C. Confidence? Don’t know her

D. I know I’m hot (as you should)

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9. What do you think you're really looking for?

A. Long-term relationship

B. Maybe a friend? With benefits? Definitely not a relationship though

C. Haven’t thought about it too much

D. Hookup/one night stand


Mostly A’s - You’re so ready to find your person. You wanna commit and give your all to your ride or die. You want to enter the dating field with the intention of finding someone you’ll be able to spend a good amount of time with, or possibly forever. Be picky and don’t feel like you need to go out with every guy who comes your way. When someone’s worth your time, you’ll know.

Mostly B’s - You’re open to being in a relationship, but you would also be okay with staying single. Honestly, the cards are in your hands and you can play the field however you’d like. You’re put together enough to be able to pull your weight in a couple, but you also might not care about labels. I would recommend going with your gut and doing whatever you feel in the moment.

Source: Pinterest

Mostly C’s - You still have some shit to figure out. Maybe you should think about what you want to get out of having someone in your life and get to a place where you’re completely ready to welcome someone else into it. Either way, take some time to reflect; the boys aren’t going anywhere.

Mostly D’s - Girl, you are the cover girl of hot girl summer. You want to have fun and meet different people without having to commit, and you know it. Live it up and enjoy that shit; you definitely won’t be seen crying over anyone. Hookups, fuckbuddies, and date nights every night are right up your ally.


For you girls who still have no idea what you’re looking for, same.

And that’s perfectly fine.

We’re all young and hot. We have so much time to fuck up, make mistakes, meet the wrong person, make the wrong decisions, spend too much money on condoms (and plan b AND pregnancy tests), et-fucking-cetera.

Don’t let society tell you you’re a slut or a man-whore because you like sex. Don't let anyone tell you that you need to “act responsibly” because 20's are the age for experimenting and figuring your shit out. This whole, playing the field, is literally us getting our shit together.

So play the fucking field or find your forever; either way, you’re gonna have the time of your life!


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