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Is It Your Time to Start Dating Again?

9 questions to help you find what you're really looking for.

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Dating kinda sucks.

You scroll through Tinder, wander around bars, and snap randos to see who's normal enough to actually get to know.

It’s boring, underwhelming, frustrating, and way overhyped.

How are you ever supposed to make it to the second date when the red flags are so obvious on the first?

Oh, and what about when you finally get to the second date and realize that being in a relationship is the last thing you actually want?

Personally, I’d rather figure that out before I waste the time and money.

So, I thought I’d put together some questions to help you figure out what situation would be ideal for you right now.

Be honest with yourself when you make your choices because this might just solve all of your dating problems.

1. What's your current mindset?

A. I'm ready to get to know someone new

B. Just bored

C. Next guy who isn't holding up a fish, gets my number (why is this a thing)

D. I'm a bad bitch (purr)