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Reducing and reusing does NOT help your love life.

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We’ve all done it once or twice (or 32 times according to my blocklist).

Unsolicited or not, blocking someone’s number is like an unspoken right of passage into the dating/hookup world. It hasn’t gotten messy or uncomfortable enough until you’ve had to cut them off completely.

Side note: blocking someone is harsh but unfollowing them on Insta? There’s no going back.

At some point you’re going to start talking to someone that can barely hold up their end of the conversation. It's inevitable. When that happens, putting in effort just won’t be worth your time.

I used to be able to put up with the "wyd?" texts, but now, I literally don't even try anymore. That's a huge indication that they're dry as shit. So BLOCK.

Or, maybe you’ll be hooking up with someone and things will get weird. There’s a lack of chemistry, it’s awkward, and the sex isn’t that great.

Personally, the awkward after period isn't something I wanna face if it's avoidable with the simple press of a button. I will happily let that messy hookup memory follow him to my blocklist and stay there.

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It’s the ultimate power move, and in some cases, completely necessary.

P.S. Blocking your ex is most definitely one of these cases.

Block them, delete their number, unfollow on all social platforms, and for the sake of your sanity, don’t look back.

If you’re reminiscing over the great times you had with your ex then get out there and find someone else who can give you more. After all, there’s a reason why you guys didn’t work out the first time.

Cut those ties and start fresh! Remember, ex is short for expired.

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Another case where blocking is necessary is with hookups.

There’s no long story behind this revelation because nothing is shorter than a hookup.

After the clothes go back on and the awkwardness fills the air, sometimes it’s best to just accept the experience how it was and move on.

If it’s going to be a repetitive thing then have fun, but otherwise, keep hookups in the past and lose their number.

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If you’re not feeling it, just block them and take it off your list of worries. But please, a little piece of advice:

Use it as a last resort!

Blocking someone is definitely taking the easy way out and although we’d all probably prefer this non confrontational exit, it’s kind of a shit thing to do to someone for no reason.

If they’ve done some inexcusable shit to you, then you better fucking block them and wait for someone who actually deserves your time.

But if you’re just not into them and you’d rather block them then tell them, maybe think about their feelings for a second.

Getting blocked is like being in a room with someone and then suddenly, they turn the lights off, leave you in there alone, and lock the door.

How Would YOU Feel If You Got blocked?

A. Confused

B. Angry

C. Hurt

D. Laughing at the unfortunate outcome

As a member on the blocklist, I can say that it's definitely not the best feeling...

So, BLOCK Them When...

  1. There’s nothing left on the table for either of you

  2. You need to save yourself from potentially getting back with them in the future

  3. They’re just simply a piece of shit

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Trust your intuition and happy blocking!


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