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Inside the World of Emma Norton

The TikTok star has garnered over 9 million followers through her comedy lip-sync videos and iconic cosplay characters such as Harley Quinn.

Emma Norton is a cosplay, make up influencer known for her account @emmanorts.
Photo: Marina Hunter

Emma Norton is the true epitome of the modern creator. Her mesmerizing content is the kind that makes you stop scrolling so you can rewatch the same video over and over again. Since she began on TikTok, her audience has been growing rapidly, with currently more than 9 million followers. Not to mention, she's also wildly popular on Instagram with nearly 500 thousand followers.

As a creator, Emma's content is versatile. She does fantastical and strikingly beautiful make up videos where she transforms herself into iconic, and even sometimes original, characters. From an eerily similar Maleficent to a tribute to Stephen King's IT clown, Emma shows her talent, both on TikTok and Instagram, with every video she makes.

Where did the inspiration to transform into these characters come from? Acting.

Before she got into TikTok, Emma was, and largely continues to be, an actress. You may know her from her starring role as Kel Young in the short film Cattle Call, directed by Rondell Sheridan. Her passion for bringing characters to life is what drew the inspiration to do so with make up. And by showcasing her amazing talent on the popular short-form video app, her fan base only grew. Now, she is largely considered to be one of the most popular creators on the make up niche, which has also led to her growing in cosplay.

Emma Norton is a cosplay, make up influencer known for her account @emmanorts.
Photo: Marina Hunter

"I've always been so in love with make up, so I think that just naturally translated," Emma said about her beginning on cosplay.

Her first viral video included a transformation into Harley Quinn, but the LA-based creator has brought to life other iconic characters such as Cruella de Vil. Not to mention, Emma's skills on TikTok have grown with her looks. She performs incredible and cinematic transitions and effects that captivate anyone who watches her videos.

MUD's Valerie Furlong caught up with Emma to chat more about make up, cosplay, and of course, TikTok, below:


You can follow Emma Norton on Instagram and TikTok to stay up to date with her latest news and projects.


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