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I Cast Ratatouille: The Musical

Making my (questionable) contribution to the TikTok sensation.

If you've been on TikTok at all lately, you've seen at least one video about the Ratatouille Musical. Creators have come up with everything from music to dances to stage crew directions.

I decided to get in on the fun and toss some casting ideas into the mix.

Tom Holland as Linguini

That sweet face as a red-headed chef? Yes. And we know Tom can handle the musical numberswe've all seen that "Umbrella" video.

Aubrey Plaza as Colette Tatou

Hot and scary. Period.

Photos:, Pinterest

Pete Davidson as Remy

Remy, the ratatouille, the rat of all our dreams.

Andre Braugher as Auguste Gusteau

This might be a long shot, but as a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan I can’t stop thinking about Captain Holt saying “Anyone can cook.”

Danny Devito as Chef Skinner


Adam Driver as Ego

Adam might not be old enough to play Ego, but a little ma