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How to Turn Lust into Love

Tips on how to get out of his bed and into his heart.

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You see him chugging a beer from across the room and although he doesn’t look nearly as sexy as Harry Raftus does while doing it, he’s still pretty damn attractive.

@harryraftus on TikTok (…see what I mean?)

Looks are exchanged throughout the night and some intense feels are being felt between you two.

He’s hot, you’re hot, and you’re ready to jump him.

Fast forward a few weeks. You two have been hooking up and it’s been a wild ride so far, but you’re starting to want more.

Maybe you don’t want to only be remembered as his booty call. Maybe you guys vibe together more than you did with any one of your previous boyfriends. In both cases, a relationship is coming into question and you might be interested in pursuing one with him.


So here’s how you can step up the relationship from being all about the sex, to being all about the love.

1. Make Sure You Actually Like Him

I cannot stress this enough. Don’t get that sexual tension mixed up with real feelings because if you end up dating him and then realize you were actually only into the sex, you’re sooo fucked.

2. Read the Room (aka. HIM)

Try texting him during the day about whatever comes to mind and see how he responds. If he responds pretty fast and seems open to talking, then there’s potential! If it takes him hours to respond and he only sends back emotionless two word answers, then he’s probably only dtf. Having some real convos with him about the things that matter will definitely give you some insight on how much h