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How to Stop Comparing Yourself on Social Media

A short but helpful guide on how to keep your timeline free, inspiring, and optimistic.

1. Social Media ≠ Reality

It's hard to acknowledge this when today's world feels like it's settled entirely on the internet. However, as you scroll through Instagram or TikTok, remind yourself that behind every perfect moment there's a camera. This doesn't mean that genuine moments can't exist online, but it was posted knowing that thousands, if not millions, of people could see it.

2. Have a Purpose Before Going into Your Phone

Mindless scrolling takes time, sleep, and our sanity away. If you go into your phone with a purpose (ex. posting a photo on IG, finding a TikTok you saved, etc.) then it's much harder for you to get distracted. If you don't have a purpose but need the mindless scrolling, then stick to accounts you know are good for you.

3. Learn Toxic Patterns

Plain and simple. If you start zoning into every detail of how you look versus the influencer on your screen, it's time to put the phone away.

4. Ask Yourself: Why Am I Comparing Myself to Strangers Online?

Sometimes, the problem might come from a source outside of social media. And the first step to confronting and overcoming a problem, it's to become aware of it. Comparing yourself to people on social media can stem from different things, people, and events. For example, are your parents putting too much pressure on you to get a job? Or maybe your friends can't stop talking about their upcoming summer trip you're not able to go to?

Knowing why you fall into these toxic habits can provide you with an answer.

5. Follow Accounts that Help Your Growth. Unfollow Those Who Don't.

Take a look at the 'following' section on your social media. Which influencers, brands, friends' accounts, celebrities, do you keep going back to? When you do go into their accounts, are you left with a good, happy feeling or do you leave feeling anxious, like a failure, or just unhappy?

There's nothing wrong about tailoring your feed to be healthy and inspiring. Keep your timeline clean by going through these accounts and unfollowing the ones that leave you feeling defeated. Out of sight, out of mind.





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