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Meet the Parents: A Photo Essay

When he takes the situationship to the next level...scroll to see how I got ready for the big dinner.

Me again.

So you know when you're seeing someone for over six months and you just barely made it out of the friend zone on month seven to get to the point where you're dating but not officially? Oh, just me? Well, about two weeks ago he finally asked me if I wanted to meet his parents (unprompted).

Of course I said yes, and the NEXT day I met them. Talk about no time to mentally prepare.

The thing is, I'd consider myself to be an extreme extrovert. I can genuinely carry a conversation with anyone (if I have to), and I really don't find myself in situations where I experience social anxiety.

I will say that on this day, everything felt a little shakier than normal. Mind you, I was still fine, and ended up being really charming (of course) but I was more nervous than I imagined I would be. Truthfully, I've never met parents before, not really. Not like this. The last time I met parents was when I dated this delinquent in high school (who I actually found out last weekend is currently in jail, lol). Anyway, enough reminiscing...

All you have to know is that I was nervous and running late (very typical).

And my get ready process went like this:

I'm told you bring something to meet the parents...I figured choc chip cookies = cute & wholesome

Straightened my hair between batches while contemplating every aspect of my appearance

Since I was already scrambling, wardrobe was a no-brainer. All my fav items

I somehow managed to NOT completely destroy my room

When you're running late and can't take a proper mirror selfie :(

I was truly head banging to this with the windows down in 20 degree weather. Need I say more?

BTW, yes, I think they did like me :) and at the end of the day, it was a lot of worrying for nothing.


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