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How To Maximize Your Time Management Skills

24 hours can be enough

Photo by: Estèe Jansses

College is a weird middle ground between having all the time in the world and not having a second to breathe. You don’t have your parents breathing down your neck to get your homework done. You’re on your own.

When I got to college, I had to quickly figure out how to adapt good time management skills. I ended up skillfully juggling 18 credits, student teaching/internships, and working 30-40 hours a week!

Over the past few years, people have asked me how I do it all. And the truth….excellent time management skills. Want to learn my secrets?

Know when you’re the most productive

Are you the most productive in the morning? At night? The first step to time management is to know when you’re the most productive.

Build your schedule around when you are the most productive. That way you’ll be able to get the most out of your classes, you’re paying for them after all.

Personally, I’m a night owl. I love to stay up all night and am the most productive after 9 pm. That means that 8 am classes are not my thing. In order to get the proper amount of sleep, I can’t have a class before 11 am.

Knowing when I’m best at getting my shit done has made a huge difference when it comes to time management. When it’s finally time to crack down, it’s always at the perfect time that works for me.

Carry a planner

I can’t stress this enough.