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How I Became a "Trader Hoe" This Year

He was a Trader Joe, He said “See You Later Joe!”

This past year, I found love in a form that I had never found it in before. What is that love? My deep and true love for Trader Joe’s.

This past August for my senior year of college, I moved into an off campus house with seven other girls. There is so much freedom and we basically can do whatever we want. However, with that freedom comes a lot more adulting and responsibility.

My groceries and Target runs are no longer supplied by the “rents.” It’s all up to me and my wallet. Therefore, I am a lot more frugal and a lot less wasteful when I go shopping (No offense, mom and dad). I’m pretty sure all my housemates are in that same boat.

Once all eight of us were settled in, our one fridge and two mini fridges (we have one mini fridge dedicated strictly to spiked seltzers and beers #college) were filled to capacity. I started to notice a lot of things with Trader Joe’s packaging. At that point, I was a Trader Joe’s virgin.