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How Do We Handle Awkward Conversations About Sex?

Voicing an opinion about sex to your partner doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

Eggplant and peach emoji with a purple background and a single gold condom packet to represent how to talk about sex with your partner?
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Have you ever been with your significant other and wanted to have sex, but didn’t necessarily know how to communicate what you wanted? I ran into this problem when I wanted more intimate and romantic sex in my relationship.

“Make love” is a common phrase used to describe this kind of intimacy. However, the thought of asking my boyfriend if he wants to “make love” gives me the ick and lowkey makes me want to puke.

We didn’t know how to communicate this want to each other. There were many moments of confusion before, during and after we would have sex. We would say things like:

“Is this gonna be that thing?”

“Are we umm, you know?”

“What was that?”

“Did we just *cringe* make love?”

Photo: DeviantArt

It was time we talked about the issue.