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How A Buddhist Monk, A Dead Philosopher, and Tiktok Helped An Anxious College Student

Tiktok helped me control my anxiety. Very weird I know but hear me out.

I am someone who has struggled with mental health and anxiety. Being a senior in college has seemed to make it worse. I find myself stressed about everything:

Will I be able to get my work done? Should I not do my work so I can see my friends? Am I going to fail and get left back if I do hangout with my friends? Do I even have time to live in the moment while I’m still in college? What do I actually want to do with my life? How can I find happiness in having to stay in a career until I’m a senior citizen? Will moving back home be too hard? Will I get stuck in a job I hate? What am I even going to have for dinner tonight?

You get the point. It’s an endless cycle of overthinking in my brain, and the pressure of graduating only added onto it.

As I have grown up and been in college, I have found ways to better my anxiety that work for me. But new life changes and unexpected circumstances can make it not so simple to relieve. Interestingly enough though, my ‘For You Page’ (FYP) on TikTok helped bring new perspectives and relief I never thought possible. Buddhist monks, philosophers, book reviewers, and more have helped me practice mindfulness and taking control over those negative thoughts.

Venerable the Buddhist Monk

Anxiety is the apprehension of the future and depression is the recycling of the past. While this can be oversimplified, it really connected for me. Hearing this basic breakdown was so profound and enlightening. I felt a lot more aware of my emotions and like I could better control them because of that.