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Guide to Dating the Zodiac [Part 3]

The signs you have all been waiting for in the thrilling finale to the Zodiac Dating Guide.

I have already said it twice but I will say it again, some people in this world think they can tell you that you can't date a sign because the stars won't align or the tarot cards said "no". Those people are wrong and you can actually date whoever you want, you just need to know-how.

If you're looking for a particular sign and it's not here, it's because I already covered it in either Part 1 or Part 2. Go check them out!

Now let's get started one last time!

Pisces: You guys are going to have the deepest late-night convos

Do you ever stay up at night and just let your mind drift to wherever it wants to go?

Well, that's nearly a constant state for Pisces.

Pisces is the biggest dreamer of the zodiac which makes it really easy to go into a long and deep convo when your facetiming each other at 3 am. Apart from being dreamers, Pisces is also emotionally speaking the smartest sign because they are able to easily judge how a person is feeling just by looking at them. It seems like a pretty cool superpower when you're an idiot in the emotional field (@ me).

What to talk about with a Pisces

  • TV Shows

  • Music

  • Books

  • Movies

This list seems really general, and I'm sure you're all thinking "Jill, come on. This list is so basic" and you're absolutely right, but stay with me for a sec. All of the stuff on the list is stuff that tends to provoke both imagination and emotion, and Pisces is all up in those departments. These are topics where you can start off on some common ground and end up talking about in deeper ways than you ever imagined.

Pro of dating a Pisces: You will have your own personal emotion mind-reader

Con of Dating a Pisces: Constant daydreaming may lead to some high standards

Aquarius: You guys are going to have some intelligent convos

Before I start, here's the Aquarius song. Get it out of your system before we dive into it cause we're not talking about it.

Although Aquarius is primarily known for being a big humanitarian, they are primarily focused on intellect. Much like Pisces, they like having long late-night facetime convos, but instead of talking about the latest episode of Criminal Minds, they're going to want to talk about intellectual stuff.

Stuff that is Intellectual according to an Aquarius

  • Politics

  • Global Warming

  • Civil Rights

  • The Meaning of Life

Some pretty big topics tbh, but that's not all they're about. Aquarius is the type of person who is really good at thinking things through and deciding things for themselves. They despise being forced into things and if you tell them to do a thing too many times they're going to eventually do the exact opposite.

Despite everything, Aquarius isn't a complete brainiac. Their humanitarian streak can make them incredibly caring and compassionate and are usually pretty loyal people.

Pro of Dating an Aquarius: You're going to learn a lot and get a kiss on the cheek whenever you see them

Con of Dating an Aquarius: They can be stubborn and very independent. Give them space and do not tell them what to do

Libra: Your arguments will never turn into screaming matches

Libras don't argue, instead, they are all about compromise.

They are the most non-confrontational of the signs and would much prefer talking out the situation than you two screaming at each other and throwing stuff. Libra tends to lean towards a more balanced relationship which is why it's symbol is the scales.

Does this mean you guys are going to be even in a relationship? Yes.

What being in an equal relationship with a Libra means

  • Opening doors for each other

  • Going halfsies on meals

  • Spending the same amount of money on birthday presents

  • Asking each other out on dates

You can kiss gender norms goodbye because a Libra wants nothing more than to completely share in the responsibility of a relationship. Apart from their balanced nature, Libras also tend to big picture type of people. They can be indecisive about a partner for this reason specifically so if a Libra chooses you, they most likely see a future with you together.

Pro of Dating a Libra: You won't get into screaming matches and you won't have to pay for entire meals

Con of Dating a Libra: They can be hella indecisive and you may not see yourselves as far into the future as they would like.

Cancer: You're going to have to climb over some walls but there's gold inside, I promise

Cancer is a hard sign to pin down because if you look up literally any other zodiac sign, you'll find what your looking for, not Cancer. Why? Honestly, if you don't know why you can google it. Don't worry I'll wait.

You back? Awesome! Back to the zodiac.

Despite being named after a killer disease, Cancer is actually more defensive than offensive. They tend to build up walls in an effort to see who actually cares enough to climb over them. Cancers will also hold grudges like no one you've ever seen before. Remember spilling your coffee on their new laptop? They do.

How to get a Cancer to lower their walls

  • Pay attention to what they like

  • Give them attention and compliments

  • Lots of hugs

  • Send them tiktoks you think they would find funny

Once you can break through those walls and get them to trust you, they can be some of the most protective, strong, and loyal people you will ever meet. If you are ever in need of anything a Cancer will be there in seconds.

Pro of Dating a Cancer: Protective and Loyal

Con of Dating a Cancer: Gotta break down those walls.


That's it! By now you are fully ready and equipped to date whoever you want without checking your zodiac compatibility from 20 different websites. You now know everything there is to know about dating the different signs, the final step is to go and date them yourselves.

Just be safe because we're still in a pandemic.

As Allways Happy Dating!


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