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Guide to Dating the Zodiac [Part 2]

So you're back for more advice from the stars and maybe to see your own Zodiac because it wasn't in Part 1

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It seems like these days everybody is talking about the zodiac signs and who they're compatible with, don't bother listening to those people because I'm here to tell you that you can be compatible with any sign you want.

I could continue to tell you all about how wrong they are but you can see that for yourself in Part 1. You're probably here for part 2 so let's jump right back into the list with someone who's going to love being first.

1. Leo: You two will be the hottest couple of the night

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I'm gonna be honest here...

This sign was difficult to talk about. Why? Because of an ex, why would it be anything else?

I had an ex who was a Leo and I don't want to be mean but... he was an Absolute Attention Loving Whore.

Obviously, not all Leos are like my ex, but Leo loves nothing more than praise. They want you to tell them how wonderful and beautiful they are because they feed off of it. A compliment to a Leo goes a long way to forming a solid relationship with them. Plus, who doesn't love a good compliment?

Ways to compliment a Leo

  • You have a great laugh

  • You really light up the room

  • That ______ looks amazing on you

  • Wow! You're so good at ______

Apart from loving attention, they are also great at putting on a show. Even if they're not a creative (about 99% of them are), Leo will find a way to make themselves the center of attention. (P.S. This is great for parties because nothing feels better than being on the arm of the star of the show.)

Pro of Dating a Leo: You'll get a lot of attention from others through them.

Con of Dating a Leo: Being that they are in constant search of someone to impress, there's a chance that once they've got you hooked on them, they'll find somebody else to please. It can lead to some nasty breakups.

2. Virgo: They already have the most amazing date planned

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You know that one guy in your class that has a hella specific way of doing something and will lose their mind if it doesn't go exactly to plan?

Yeah, he's probably a Virgo.

Perfectionists to the end, a Virgo will have every single detail of the date planned before you even noticed them. They can be some of the most practical signs and when they say they're going to buy you the newest AirPods for your birthday, you're going to get the newest AirPods for your birthday.

Tips for Planning a date with a Virgo:

  • The more complicated the date the more stressed the Virgo

  • Let them know about the date in advance

  • Make sure you know what they like and dislike

  • Coffee dates are usually a safe bet and are very chill

Virgos can be super chill when the plan isn't super complicated.

It's also great when you can talk about things you have in common, which is true for a lot of people but is much more true for Virgos.

Pro to Dating a Virgo: They are great at planning dates and are loyal af.

Con of Dating a Virgo: They're prone to stressing themselves out and perfectionism. If you're more go with the flow then there are going to be issues.

3. Capricorn: They will tell you exactly what they think when you ask them 'Well, how do I look?'

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Here we have another biased zodiac opinion because I am dating my very own Capricorn right now (Hi Matt!), but this just means you can be 100% sure that my advice is going to be just as honest as a Capricorn.

Whether you're ready for that level of honesty or not.

Apart from being the most brutally honest of all the signs, they're also the most hardworking. Capricorn is all about putting in that hard work whether it be at their job, in your relationship together, or at their job. They love seeing a project to completion and sometimes that can make dates difficult, especially when that project doesn't involve you.

Tips for getting a Capricorn to take a break

  • Set up a date-time where they are not allowed to run off to work

  • Find something they enjoy as a hobby and do it together

  • Put together a small, easy project for the both of you to do together

A project for a Capricorn isn't always work-related, a lot of the times it's just a goal that their set on whether that be to earn a certain amount of money or to beat the video game they just bought. If you really get to know a Capricorn, your relationship can be a project too. They'll make sure they're putting work into the relationship because in addition to being hardworking they're also loyal af.

Me and my Cap have been together for roughly a year now so I can say that they are definitely a good catch. (Love you Matt <3)

Pro of Dating a Capricorn: They're incredibly honest and hardworking.

Con of Dating a Capricorn: They're incredibly honest and hardworking.

4. Scorpio: You're going to spend all night trying to get to know them

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Scorpios are mysterious.

They're kind of the equivalent of a human puzzle when it comes to dating because they like keeping their lives close to their chest. Scorpio's can be a bit insecure about sharing their personal information, but that doesn't mean they won't find out all about you.

You better be ready to be honest because they can find out more about you than your crazy stalker ex could any day. They're like a human lie detector, probably because they're so good at keeping their own secrets.

Preparing for a Scorpio Inspection

  • Make sure your off any and all dating apps (delete your account)

  • Let them know any bad stuff off the bat (one-night stands etc.)

  • Get rid of anybody trying to slide into your DMs

  • Make sure your Myspace is clean (It's crazy but they'll find it)

The best relationship you can have with a Scorpio is an honest one. Communication is important in any relationship, but especially for Scorpio. Most of them have some fun trust issues so it might be hard to get to know them, but once you do it'll be so worth it.


Dating is hard, but it doesn't have to be. The stars are here to help you and, more importantly, so am I.

It's so much easier to date someone when you know what you're getting into before you can even go on your first date. You don't even have to thank me when you're chilling your Virgo or smooching a Scorpio, I do it from the kindness of my heart.

That being said, we still got 4 more signs to go so stay tuned, and as always happy dating.


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