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Guide to Dating the Zodiac [Part 1]

How to turn a love from the stars into a reality no matter the sign

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So every fortune-teller, website, and Pinterest board will try to tell you who they think you'll be with forever. Two Aries are destined to blow up if they were ever in a relationship together. A Gemini-Taurus relationship is a match made in hell. Your relationship won't work out because the stars said so.

I am here to tell you that those people are astronomically wrong and that you can date anybody you want regardless of their Zodiac is. You just need to know how.

Disclaimer: This is a three-parter, so if you don't see your Zodiac sign here, then it's coming soon.

With that out of the way let's start with the spiciest Zodiac around.

1. Aries: You will kiss them and then catch on fire. Spicy.

Photo: astrosage

Aries is known to be the "fight me" Zodiac sign, which means they seem generally intimidating to ask out or even go on a first date with. Do Not Let That Stop You. In fact, use it to your advantage.

Places to take an Aries on a date

  • Mini-golf

  • Bowling

  • Arcade

  • Rock climbing

  • Go-karts

Aries can be super competitive so your best bet is to take them somewhere you both can show off your skills. It'll also help break the ice because, despite their sexy and outgoing nature, they tend to come off as a bit shy on first dates, but once you break that ice, an Aries will become the most confident and attractive person you will ever meet.

Pro of dating an Aries: You will kiss on the first date and it will be the best kiss you have ever had, guaranteed.

Con of dating an Aries: Aries are hella passionate but when that fire burns out, they're done.

2. Sagittarius: You're in for an Adventure.

Photo: astrosage

Clearly, Sagittarius is the best sign to date. Best kissers, best first date, really best everything. I am a Sagittarius so obviously this all true and not even a little bit biased... Alright so maybe it is, but there is one thing for sure I know about my sign and that is that Sagittarius is the most fun to be around than any other sign.

What to wear on a date with a Sagittarius

  • Sneakers

  • A cute pair of jeans

  • T-shirt or something loose and comfortable

  • Scrunchie in case you gotta tie your hair up

  • Honestly just be ready for anything

The number one thing you need to know before going on a date with a Sagittarius is that any thought-out, complicated plan will be thrown into the garbage in minutes. We are spontaneous and the date is going to be much more fun if you just let it happen.

Also when people think of being adventurous they usually mean traveling, which is definitely a Sag vibe, but that doesn't mean it's a must. Sagittarius is all about the small adventures like walking to 7-11 at night or even making a crazy unplanned TikTok.

Pro of dating a Sagittarius: Your first date is going to mirror the movie Up but neither of you will die, you'll just have a really exciting time

Con of dating a Sagittarius: Commitment issues. Sags like their freedom and do not like their freedom taken away

3. Gemini: They will spill the tea on the first date and it will be boiling.

Photo: Pinterest

Honestly, I would be lying if I said I didn't know some really chill Gemini. I would also be lying if I didn't say that they can also be some of the scariest people I have ever met. If you want to know what drama is going on, go find yourself a Gemini because they know and are more than happy to tell you all about it.

Geminis are fantastic conversationalists and are very outgoing on a good day. On a bad day... make sure you're ready.

What to do on a bad day for a Gemini

  • Let them complain

  • Try your best not to say anything (you are not out of range for them)


  • Be attentive, showing love and support is certain to help improve the mood

Geminis are wonderful for chatting about what's going on and they all tend to be super outgoing once you get to know them. Keep it light and you are guaranteed to have a good time with your new Gemini babe.

Pro of dating a Gemini: They are fantastic at communication. If something is bothering them, they will tell you. They make for a really great long-term relationship.

Con of dating a Gemini: The bad days are, no joke, seriously hell.

4. Taurus: They will pick the restaurant and you will not regret it

Photo: astrosage

I am not kidding. Taurus knows the best places to eat and is a total foodie. Besides being food lovers, they can also be some of the most romantic people you will ever date. They aren't romantic on occasion though like they're probably not going to show up at your doorstep on Valentine's Day in their sexiest and holding a dozen roses. Taurus is romantic when you least expect it.

What to expect on any given day from a Taurus

  • Showing up at your job with a drink they know you like

  • Taking you on a surprise date

  • Sending flowers to your house

  • Buying you chocolates

All of these will happen for no reason, on any given day because that's just how it goes. They don't like being constrained to being romantic on a specific day like Valentine's Day and generally believe that romance should happen when ever the feeling arises.

Taurus does have a downside because they can be some of the most stubborn people. I have been in arguments with Taurus people for hours while getting nowhere. Sometimes you just gotta agree to disagree even if the person is obviously wrong.

Pro of Dating a Taurus: Hella romantic and who doesn't love good food?

Con of dating a Taurus: Can be the most stubborn person you have ever met.


Let's remember: we are in a freaking pandemic. Dating was hard before the world was consumed with illness and quarantining, but now, now it's nearly impossible. So let me help you.

Once you secure that special Covid date, use my guide to try and understand a little bit about them before the big day. I promise you'll be thanking me when you're loading your plate with breadsticks and looking at your Leo, fully knowing that the first thing they'll want to hear is how nice they look.

That being said, I wasn't able to do justice to the other Zodiac signs, so tune in next week for a part 2.

As always, happy dating.


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