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Forget Your Homework and Disappear to the Cecil Hotel

Classes are picking up and shit is getting hectic in college. If you need a reason to procrastinate, here you go: watch “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.”

Source: YouTube

Mystery? Check. Conspiracies? Check. Murder? Maybe.

The four-part documentary looks at the murderous and crime-ridden history of the Los Angeles hotel and its most recent mystery.

Located outside of LA’s notorious Skid Row, the hotel has been home to numerous pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, addicts and murderers. Even “The Night Stalker,” Richard Ramirez, would stay on the top floor after long nights of terrorizing the city.

The documentary could go on for days about the Cecil Hotel’s past residents and their crimes.

Instead, the series gives a true crime on the 2013 disappearance of Elisa Lam.

Source: BBC

Disappearances are much too common, so why did this one get its own series?

Elisa Lam was a college student that came from Canada to Los Angeles and posted every instance in her life on Tumblr in-between. This allows the audience to get a real feel for Lam; it’s almost like you are reading her diary.

The gaps and mystery in Lam’s 2013 case drew attention from thousands of everyday people from across the United States. The internet sleuths investigated the case like a prime Sherlock Holmes.

How could you blame them? By the second episode I was on my way to join them.

So put down the books for an hour or four. You have more important things to do; like solving the case of Elisa Lam.

Go watch “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” now and disappear into the mystery of the Cecil Hotel.


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