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Everyone is Going to Know Eli Smart

You absolutely need, must, have to find your way to an Eli Smart show.

Photos: @lucykjoness

As 2023 wraps up, Eli Smart is a name you need to know to keep the sun alive during those upcoming gray autumn days. Smart opened for Declan McKenna on a slew of dates for the artist’s recent Big Return US Tour. Smart also had the chance to open for The 1975 when the band played in Honolulu, HI in early August. Personally, I am counting down the days until the Eli Smart headlining tour comes to town. Eli Smart live is wildly fun, and ridiculously magnetic, full of energy as he kicks around on stage and belts his tracks. Joined on stage by his band which also contains his grandmother, Tutu, who plays expertly plays bass. Smart has an incredible stage presence that hypnotizes you and leaves you wanting more when his upsettingly short opening set comes to a close.

Photos: @lucykjoness

Smart’s bright and sunny sound is heavily influenced by the artist’s upbringing in Kaua’i. Eli’s recent track “Fiesta 99.9FM” depicts the feeling of driving down the open road while stunning vistas pass you by. “Fiesta 99.9FM” is the soundtrack to winding down the window and hanging your arms out of the car as your hands ride the wind. These types of euphoric feelings are staples in Eli Smart’s discography, each track has an intrinsic transportive quality, I don’t know how but every song mesmerizes your ears and sends you into euphoric daydreams that you never want to leave.

Photos: @lucykjoness

Eli’s vocal quality is unlike anything you’ll easily find in today’s music, the slightest bit gravely like the sound is coming from the back of the throat, high and low at the same time, but meditative all the same. What makes Eli Smart so truly incredible, is his blend of contemporary music with elements of traditional Hawaiian music like his insane falsetto with the reverb-heavy chords. Eli brings tradition into a new light giving his music its own genre. All of this to say, you need, must, have to find your way to an Eli Smart show.

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Photos: @lucykjoness


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