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Meet the Genius Behind Euphoria’s Aesthetic

Let's meet the talented artists behind Euphoria's fashion trends and some of their secrets to create the amazing looks on the show.

Hunter Schafer as Frida Kalo
Photograph by Hunter Schafer

Euphoria is by far one of the most aesthetic series of the moment. Everything that involves building the character's fashion identity is so iconic. They are setting trends for this year and creating out of stock and waiting list items for each piece used on the show. The makeup, the hair, the nails are all immaculate and there is a creative team responsible for all this excellence. Who are they? Well, let's find out more about the geniuses behind Euphoria’s Aesthetic


Doniella Davy, Zendaya and Hunter
Photograph by Andie Jane/HBO

In the first season of Euphoria, the makeup was a total neon party with glitter all over her face and pretty much everywhere. But, this new season, the makeup style is more mature and minimalist, showing the development of the character. Doniella Davy, the head of the makeup department, and her team, Tara Lang and Alexandra French, are the creators of this refined and fashionable makeup. Doni is an iconic makeup artist and thanks to Euphoria she has gained more recognition and got to collaborate with FACE LACE for a collection of easy to apply face decals that are made to recreate the Euphoria looks.

She has mentioned on social media that one of the biggest challenges has to do with Sam Levinson's requirement to have no f