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Do You Find Yourself Relaxing to True Crime?

You are not the only one.

In the words of My Favorite Murder, “stay sexy and don’t get murdered.”

The rise in popularity of the True Crime genre has become a way for women to ease their anxieties, while also maintaining a shield of fantasy, because you can always just.. turn it off.


Just like that the story has stopped and you can resume your daily life, where hopefully you’re not getting stalked and abducted by a local serial killer.

The crime audience appears to be overwhelmingly female. No surprise there. Listening to true crime podcasts affirms a lot of our [women’s] experiences that we’ve been gaslit about and oftentimes provides us with tips and tricks for staying alive and avoiding gender based violence.

For example, never taking the same route home from work every single day in order to switch it up just in case someone has been watching you and following you. Or never sit in your unlocked car in a parking lot or parking garage. My favorite, that has yet to happen to me is, if you come out from a store and find something placed on the hood of your car, don’t try to remove it. Just get into your car immediately and drive to the nearest police station.

These are some of the lessons I’ve learned from Crime Junkies, Dateline and TikTok.

It’s almost mundane for women to hear these stories because not only is the genre heavily saturated now, but we also hear of these tragedies happening, or experience them on some level all too often.