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Charles Brice Becomes a CIA Hacker for Netflix's "In from the Cold"

Starring alongside Margarita Levieva, Charles Brice plays CIA hacker Chris, who is the main character's eyes and ears as she reintegrates into the espionage world.

Charles Brice stars star in the new Netflix spy thriller series In from the Cold premiering January 28th
Photo: Christopher Fenimore

In this exciting Netflix original, you play a CIA Hacker. Are there any new skills you had to train or learn in preparation for this role?

My first day on set I asked props to bring me all of the gadgets that Chris uses in the show so that I would be comfortable with handling them and explaining how they worked. It was very important to me that the audience felt like he does this every day without question. A new skill I learned for this role is definitely green/ grey screen acting. I spent a lot of time looking at blank computer, phone, tablet and green screens describing things that were not in front of me. I would often stay on set in between camera set ups practicing describing what we were looking at so that when the camera rolled, the scene flowed more easily.

Your character plays a pivotal role in helping Jenny Franklin adjust to being back on the field as a spy. Do you share any similarities with Chris?

Chris definitely feels protective of Jenny. He has a lot of respect for her because she reminds him of other strong women in his life e.g., his mother. I think Chris and I share a similarity when it comes to how close he is to his mother. I would say in Chris's case it's definitely more exaggerated but I actually have a great relationship with my mom as well.

This isn’t your first role in an action and adventure packed project. Is this genre your favorite or are there new ventures you’d like to participate in?

I would actually love to do more action and adventure packed projects. It's definitely one of my favorite genres to watch. I haven't done a horror project yet. I would love to lead a really good horror film/ series. At the end of the day, I just want to participate in projects that tell the most captivating stories in the most compelling ways, whatever genre they may be.

You’re starring in HBO’s upcoming film “The Survivor” where you play real-life boxer Coley Wallace. How did you prepare for this role? Did your experience in “In from the Cold” help?

I shot "The Survivor" in 2019 before "In From the Cold" was even on the table. The film was supposed to be released in 2020 but due to Covid its release had to be postponed for almost two years. I really had to dig to find information on Coley because there wasn't much information out there that delved into his personal life, still, I was able to find just enough to create a performance I felt was very truthful. I also trained intensely in boxing for a year in preparation for the role. In the end, I was really happy with the work I did and excited to have collaborated with some true film legends like John Leguizamo and Danny Devito.


You can see Charles Brice on Netflix's "In from the Cold" on January 28th, 2022.


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