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Cavetown Wants His Fans To Embrace Who They Are

As a true bedroom artist, Robbie Skinner is creating music that is raw and unique, inspiring their fandom to explore their identity and celebrate who they are.

Robbie Skinner, better known for their stage name, Cavetown, has been listening to plenty of music since they went on tour. What’s always on repeat?

Adventure Time.

“At home I literally fall asleep to it. I put it on shuffle, let it play, and then wake up to it. I wake up feeling great. I love it,” Robbie said.

Aside from Adventure Time, the 23-year-old bedroom artist is obsessed with the popular video game Minecraft. When I bring up a tweet about a fan who was playing it during a show, Robbie laughs. He admits that the game has consumed a large majority of his time, but overall, they seem happy there’s another reason for the fandom to bond.

And here’s the thing. When you get the chance to speak to Robbie, it is impossible not to bring up the community he has cultivated.

One of my favorite things about the music scene in New York is the venues. I come from a small city where every touring artist performs on the same stage. That’s not the case here. From the depths of Brooklyn to the chaotic center of Manhattan, there is a wide array of venues to discover.

In fact, each stage in New York has its own special thing.