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Boys Who Take Acid: A Field Guide

Who they are and why they are like that

I have a weird relationship with boys who do acid, or really any psychedelic. Two things: one, they tend to love me, putting some deeper meaning into my love of trees and general social awkwardness, and two, they tend to also be my emotional downfall– and many hours of strife have been spent crying about these men. Because boys who do acid seem cool at first and then tend to really suck and be self-centered.

But who are these boys and why are they like this?

So dear reader, as an experienced veteran, I have prepared a field guide of sorts to spot these men so you can make the choice on whether to run and hide or take on this perilous battle.

From my own experience, here are the three main types of boys who do acid (loosely based on men I have dated):

Recently on Tiktok and Twitter, I have been seeing an increase in the discourse on why boys who do acid that. How they present as emotionally mature and wise due to their drug use while still being very emotionally stunted and self-centered. User @sara_miko said in a TikTok

“People who identify as women, people in the LGBTQ+ community, & people of color always have to think about their identity & what their place in society is. Society is made for straight white men...Meaning, psychedelics are one way