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David Iacono from Netflix's Grand Army Comes Home to Brooklyn

The Brooklyn native is set to star in Grand Army, Netflix's new hit show that follows five high school students navigating drugs, sex, and the plans about the future. Coming October 16, 2020.

David Iacono stars in Netflix's Grand Army, a show that mirrors euphoria.
Photo: Nathan Johnson

On the contrary to his insta, which includes a goofy picture of himself in his high school cap and gown eating a slice of pizza, David Iacono is a young, uber-smart Brooklyn based actor starring in the upcoming Netflix hit shows Grand Army and Social Distance.

Even though it might be nerdy, David’s favorite thing to do in the city pre-covid was attend and graduate LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts. Right now, David is chilling and taking a break from school. However, David does have future plans to attend the School of Visual Arts for Filmmaking.

“My main interest is acting but I would also love to get into directing, writing, and editing because I’ve always had a passion for those as well," said David.

In the height of the stay-at-home orders, he continued his craft for filmmaking as he played a character that required more than the typical job. For Netflix's Social Distance, David was his own personal sound guy, camera man, stage manager, and overall crewall from his childhood bedroom.

Social Distance allowed me to have all those other jobs for a day. I really dipped my toes into all aspects of the industry,” David told me.

However, Netflix did send a sound guy who stood outside of David’s house and had a port-a-potty in the Iacono family alleyway, but that’s another story.

David feels as though his career in acting is taking off at the perfect time. “I am thankful that I am a young actor when I am because today, especially following the Me Too Movement, I definitely feel like everyone is far more socially aware in the industry. Whether that means knowing your boundaries, or being professional and responsible. I’m so grateful to have been educated in that sense," said David.

If you have ever felt the frustration that you or your friends weren’t being represented in films or on television, I have good news for you. David thinks that “minorities and people of color are really, finally, just starting to see themselves being represented on screen truthfully, and not just for the sake of having the token Black character or the token Asian character or even the token female character…”

David Iacono stars in Netflix's Grand Army, a show that mirrors euphoria.
Photo: Nathan Johnson

In David’s eyes, Grand Army will be the “tip of the iceberg” for this type of representation and portrayal of America’s youth. It is unlike any other show that we've seen, yet jumps on the train of the recent years of groundbreaking YA stories.

If East High from High School Musical had a polar opposite or HBO's Euphoria had a second cousin, it would be Grand Army. Launching on Netflix on October 16th, the show is real, is raw, and is not the cookie cutter high school drama series we’re used to watching.

“Grand Army” is the largest high school in Brooklyn where David is from and has two uncles that own pizza shops. He absolutely loves being a New Yorker and high-key loves the pizza stereotype. When he was offered the opportunity to represent his hometown on the screen, David literally screamed, “SIGN ME UP, I LOVE WHERE I’M FROM, PLEASE LET ME BE WHERE I’M FROM ON SCREEN.”

It's easy to see that David is so proud of this project. He described it as "one of the most authentic, raw, real pieces of work" that he's ever been in. From our conversation, I can tell that he's not hyping up this show at all; Grand Army really is that special.

"I’m honored to be a part of something that speaks to reality and truth," said David.

Relatable is the word that comes to mind for David when it comes to Grand Army.

“It’s so nuanced but there’s something about growing up in such a world wind of cultures and different backgrounds, which the show does explore, that is just so relatable to any audience, any age, any demographic. There is something in this show that everyone can relate to," said David.

One thing that makes Grand Army stand out is that it doesn’t force any beliefs or opinions on anyone. It kind of just shows you what is out there and lets you form your opinion on it, which David believes is what makes this such a cool show.

"Art that doesn’t force an opinion on you, or force any bias on you, politically, socially, anything. It just shows you what is going on," he said.

On the show, David Iacono plays the role of Bo, a Russian American student at Grand Army. He’s on the swim team. He’s often goofing off at practice and not taking things as serious as he should be. Since Bo is from Brighton Beach, an area that is not as politically-correct or socially-aware as other neighborhoods in Manhattan, he battles with issues that stem from his background and his home life.

Without yet watching the show, it's clear that Grand Army will be a cultural reset for anyone who watches it.

“It is coming out so close to the general election, so I really do think anyone who lays their eyes on this thing, no matter the age, no matter where they come from, if they’re open and willing to discuss whatever is going on in our society, listen, and watch, I really think the show could make a lot of change and reshape how people see a lot of modern day issues," David said.


Watch Grand Army on Netflix–out on October 16th!


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