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15 Questions You've Asked About Your Dick

Let's be honest, you've all thought of at least one of these questions, and now you can have the 100% honest answer.

Does size matter?

Let's just get this one out of the way...NO! I don't care what pornstar you've heard say that "It's 8 inches or nothing," you guys need to stop thinking that size really makes that much of a difference. If you are just hooking up with different girls for a good weekend, all you need to figure out is rhythm and where her clit is. End of discussion. If you are worried about your girlfriend's or boyfriend's opinion, an easy conversation can be brought up. Don't stress, I have a secret for you...they won't care because they just love being with you.

Do I need to wash 'downstairs'?

For the love of all things good, please wash yourself. Penis, balls, butt crack, everything that has skin, please wash. You don't even have to make it complicated, some warm water and your hands moving everything around is perfectly okay! If you want to use soap, use soap *gently.* Just please stop assuming the shampoo you just rinsed out of your hair is going to wash everything as it falls down your body. It's just not.

Is it normal to have a curve?

Yes. It is 100% normal. No. It does not have any effect on how good you are in bed. There are natural-born curves and there are curves caused when you are circumcised. Either way, you are normal and very common! However, if it curves to the point where it hurts at any time, please go see a doctor; pain is not normal. If it causes difficulties during sex, just talk to your doctor about it. But those are rare cases, the most extreme change you will have to make is maybe finding sex positions your partner enjoys better.

Why is it important to wash?

Well this might be self-explanatory butttt it is healthy for you to stay clean. You do not want to cause yourself any infection by not fully washing after a long day, or after sex.

Sweat=bad, sex liquids=bad.

This one is if you are is so important to pull your skin back and make sure you clean around there too!! Please read that again. To get it stuck in your head I am going to use a very gross will start to grow dick cheese if you do not pull back your skin and wash. It is a build-up of sex, sweat, urine, whatever else you can possibly think. Washing is important.