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15 Questions You've Asked About Your Dick

Let's be honest, you've all thought of at least one of these questions, and now you can have the 100% honest answer.

Does size matter?

Let's just get this one out of the way...NO! I don't care what pornstar you've heard say that "It's 8 inches or nothing," you guys need to stop thinking that size really makes that much of a difference. If you are just hooking up with different girls for a good weekend, all you need to figure out is rhythm and where her clit is. End of discussion. If you are worried about your girlfriend's or boyfriend's opinion, an easy conversation can be brought up. Don't stress, I have a secret for you...they won't care because they just love being with you.

Do I need to wash 'downstairs'?

For the love of all things good, please wash yourself. Penis, balls, butt crack, everything that has skin, please wash. You don't even have to make it complicated, some warm water and your hands moving everything around is perfectly okay! If you want to use soap, use soap *gently.* Just please stop assuming the shampoo you just rinsed out of your hair is going to wash everything as it falls down your body. It's just not.

Is it normal to have a curve?

Yes. It is 100% normal. No. It does not have any effect on how good you are in bed. There are natural-born curves and there are curves caused when you are circumcised. Either way, you are normal and very common! However, if it curves to the point where it hurts at any time, please go see a doctor; pain is not normal. If it causes difficulties during sex, just talk to your doctor about it. But those are rare cases, the most extreme change you will have to make is maybe finding sex positions your partner enjoys better.

Why is it important to wash?

Well this might be self-explanatory butttt it is healthy for you to stay clean. You do not want to cause yourself any infection by not fully washing after a long day, or after sex.

Sweat=bad, sex liquids=bad.

This one is if you are is so important to pull your skin back and make sure you clean around there too!! Please read that again. To get it stuck in your head I am going to use a very gross will start to grow dick cheese if you do not pull back your skin and wash. It is a build-up of sex, sweat, urine, whatever else you can possibly think. Washing is important.

Can I cause a girl to "smell"?

Yes, my friends, you can be one of the main reasons why a girl you have being fucking is starting to smell. Especially if you two are not using a condom.

You can have bacteria on your penis that does not mix well with the bacteria in a vagina. If she allows you to not pull out, too much sperm can cause bacteria.

Your public hair can carry bacteria, especially if you are been putting your hands in your pants "to keep them warm", you don't know what you've touched before then!

Mixing it around with multiple girls without proper cleaning between them can leave left over fluids, this causes a girl's pH to get messed up.

You don't wash your hands before touching her vagina.

I can go on but I won't bore you. I just suggest to please be clean boys.

Can I give a girl a UTI?

Before I go on, a UTI is a urinary tract infection. It is extremely common for girl's to have at least one UTI in their lifetime, usually multiple. You can be a reason for a girl to get a UTI if you are not clean, or are having too much sex without a condom.

Why do my balls move?

If you didn't know, yes your balls move. They actually will extend away from your body if it is too hot, and shrink towards your body if it is too cold. They are regulating their temperature so they can properly produce sperm. It is 100% supposed to happen.

Is it normal for one testicle to be larger than the other?

Yes, it is normal. One testicle will tend to be larger than the other, and/or hang lower than the other. Actually, the right one is commonly bigger than the left, but there is no need to worry if your left one is the larger one. Only if you feel any pain should you be concerned!

Can I masturbate too much?

Easy answer, no! Go right on ahead and enjoy yourself! There are obvious benefits to masturbating, no STDs and no pregnancies. However, sex actually lowers blood pressure, increases heart and prostate health, and more! You won't receive those benefits form getting yourself off. Masturbate all you want, as long as it's not affecting your lifestyle choices, you're golden!

Can I break my dick?

Yes, sweetheart, you can. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it is possible. When you are erect, you or your partner can move wrong and simply snap your dick (injury to the tissues and muscles). It's not common at all, don't worry, but it is possible.

Is it normal to suddenly go soft?

Yes and no. It is normal if you are nervous, too drunk, bored, or on medications with that specific side effect. It can also happen if you have a tobacco or drug addiction. But if it happens without any of the listed causes, you could have erectile dysfunction, and from there all I can say is just go talk to a doctor. It's okay if you have this problem, I promise you there is a solution and it is not the end of the world!

Is it "weird" for me to be uncircumcised?

Oh my gosh, NO! It's your dick, love it just they way he is!!!! It makes no difference in pleasuring your partner, your health, or your partner's health. Rock that extra skin!!! Swing him around with pride!!

What does it mean to be uncircumcised?

If you haven't known what I've been talking about the past couple times I've mentioned this term, there is a flap of skin that covers the entire tip of your penis. When you are born, your parents chose to either have it removed or for it to stay there. If you can see your tip clearly, you are circumcised. If you have to pull back skin in order to see your tip, you are uncircumcised.

Should I "manscape"? If yes, how?

Okay, Part 1: that is totally up to you! If you like the look of some fur, keep it! If you like the smooth feeling of no hair, shave that bitch off! If your partner prefers one or the other, that is a conversation to have.

Part 2: You can use a razor or some scissors, in or out of the shower. If you like to be neat and trimmed up, just some scissors standing over a trash can will do just fine! If you like to be hairless, a razor and some shaving cream in the shower might work best. You will just have to experiment and find which method works for you! A little tip though, if you are going bald, razors bumps are a bitch so I suggest exfoliating before and/or after so when the hair grows back, it's not as irritated!

Why is it important to wear a condom?

I think we can all guess this one, but just to be safe let's talk it out. 1: STD protection. 2: birth control. 3: keep yourself and your chosen partner cleaner. 4: Honestly, it's a little less of a mess to clean up afterward. 5: condoms are cheaper than child support. Did I miss anything?


Disclaimer: I am just a girl writing about dicks. I am not medically trained nor is my information used directly citable. I wrote about what I just have knowledge on; some from random TikToks, some from random WebMD searches when I was curious, some from Instagram posts, and others simply from my friends and boyfriend shining me on some light.

**If you have any concerns, please go talk to your doctor and I do not suggest using me as a good enough reference. This is not an official medical document.


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