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11 Things We Need To Stop Saying In 2021

Speech is more harmful than we think…

Photo by: Mike Powell

We’ve all said hurtful things about ourselves or others, and we often don’t realize that what we say affects our mental health. Using self-deprecating language can cause our self-esteem to plummet.

Changing our entire vocabulary isn’t easy, but here are some places to start.

Trigger Warning: Some of the phrases mentioned in this article deal with topics of suicide and other mental health disorders. Please assess your mental capability before reading further and seek help if any of the phrases discussed become detrimental to your mental health.

1. I’m so annoying

First of all, start a “drinking game” with water or your favorite juice and take a sip every time you say this (thank you Draco Rose). Stop saying you're annoying! You are amazing and passionate. If people think you’re annoying—fuck them. Replace “I’m so annoying” with “Wow, my passion for this is incredible.”

You’ll be amazed to see how your perception of yourself changes when you stop criticizing yourself.

2. I hate myself

When we make mistakes, it’s easy to say, “Ugh, I hate myself.” However, this self-deprecating talk is extremely detrimental to our mental health.

Rather than saying “I hate myself,” try a positive affirmation such as, “Wow, I’m really working toward my goals” or “Bad bitch you got this.”

Even if they seem silly, positive self-talk can drastically change the way we view ourselves.

3. I’m ugly

The standard of beauty in today’s world is fucked up. I’ve struggled for years to love th