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Your Official Guide to Hot Girl Summer

How to glow up and have the best summer ever

The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer, and everyone’s motivation for school is at an all time low. Summer 2021 is right around the corner, and it has the potential to be the best one yet.

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When it comes to summertime, unless you’ve never been on Twitter before, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘hot girl summer.’ The phrase was created by rapper/

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total icon Megan Thee Stallion and has grown in popularity ever since.

What exactly does ‘hot girl summer’ mean? To keep it simple, having a hot girl summer is all about being the best version of yourself, giving zero fucks, and celebrating who you are all summer long.

Anybody can have a hot girl summer, even guys (unless they prefer having a ‘white boy summer’ which is... a whole other situation). It’s not just about the looks, it’s a total lifestyle. So if you’re looking to celebrate summer in the hottest way possible here’s your official guide to help.


Step 1: Safety First

Every hottie knows that safety comes first, especially in the middle of a pandemic. If you have the chance, go get vaccinated, but do it hot girl summer style. That means:

-Makeup done

-Matching your mask to your outfit

-Taking a million selfies after

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Even after you got the vaccine, make sure to keep wearing your mask and continue being safe. Otherwise, you’ll be having a quarantine girl summer instead.

Step 2: Your Summer Wardrobe

An essential part of hot girl summer is, of course, the outfits. Here are some cute trends to help you put together the perfect look.

Source: @ourhaulslolz on TikTok

1. 3 piece bathing suits

These 3 piece suits are the perfect way to dress up a normal bikini set. Shein has some super cute styles for an affordable price.

2. Crochet

Tell your grandma, crochet is officially back in style. For those of us who might not be gifted with sewing, Zara has the perfect sets.

3. Mid Length Skirts

Long, flowy, skirts are a total vibe this summer. Omighty has a bunch of different styles perfect for any summer look.

4. Hibiscus Print

For anyone interested in a tropical-themed hot girl summer, hibiscus print is the perfect fit. Check out Depop to shop the look.

If you still need some fashion inspiration for your hot girl summer wardrobe, you’re in luck. Style icon Emma Chamberlain just uploaded a video of what she plans on wearing this summer and everyone knows she’s the queen of what’s trendy.

Source: Emma Chamberlain on Youtube

Step 3: Getting the ‘Summer Body’

Every year we’re exposed to a million ads promoting weight loss teas or special diets guaranteed to help you get the perfect ‘summer body.’ Here’s the thing about having a hot girl summer: if you have a body and it happens to be summer, congrats you have a summer body!

Hot girl summer is all about having the confidence to rock who you are. No tummy teas necessary.

That being said, a little workout session never hurt anybody. It can be a great way to feel more confident, and after all, being confident is the whole point of hot girl summer. So go hit up the gym, or if you’re like me, do some squats in your room and hope your parents don’t walk in on you.

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Step 4: Plans, plans, plans

No hot girl summer is complete without some Instagramable moments. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or lounging around the pool, every hottie knows how to make the most out of each moment. If you need some inspiration on where to go, here are a few of my favorite spots.

1. Ocean Beach Park, New London CT

Waterslides, a boardwalk, mini-golfing, and a sunny beach, what else could you ask for?

2. Lookout Farm, Natick MA

Source: @kayrosehil on TikTok

In the mood for some beautiful views and delicious food? Visit the Lookout Farm in Natick Ma. And for all the 21+ hotties, they even have hard slushies!

3. Newport Mansion Tour, Newport, RI

For anyone interested in the bougie lifestyle, check out a mansion tour in Newport, RI. There are several to choose from and perfect for an Instagram photoshoot!

Step 5: The Perfect Playlist

Having a good playlist is an essential part of any hot girl summer. Check out this Spotify playlist below for some great summer bops.

Step 6: ENJOY

Let's do a quick recap of the hot girl summer essentials:

-the vaccine

-the wardrobe

-the 'body'

-the plans

-the playlist

Once you've crossed each of your lists, all that's left is to sit back, relax, and let the best hot girl summer begin. Remember, the most important part of any hot girl summer is staying true to who you are and loving every second of it. So break out the tanning spray and get ready for the hottest summer ever!


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