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You Don’t Always Find Your Way Back Home

Maybe home is where the heart is, but it's not where your fullest potential is.

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Despite the beautiful message we all love and remember from Crowley Corners of the Hannah Montana movie, it shouldn’t always be taken literally.

We leave home so we can figure out who we are and what we want.

Because home, in a way, confines you:

  • Your parents still think of you as the child you were at eight years old

  • Your peers define you as who you were in middle school or freshman year of high school

  • The extracurriculars you’re a part of define your social status

You can’t become who you are meant to be in a place that constantly holds you back.

I never thought I’d want to leave home. I was terrified to go to college. And don’t get me wrong, I still love my hometown, but college made me realize how cramped I was in my small corner of the state ...

In high school, I was known as a three-sport athlete and an innocent little sister.

Nothing more.

And in my senior year, I developed an eating disorder that landed me in the hospital and off the basketball court. Because of that, I lost my sense of self. After that, everyone just saw me as the poor girl with an eating disorder.

When I moved into college, no one knew I had cried myself to sleep in a hospital bed every night for the last month. No one saw me as an athlete and only an athlete. No one saw me as ‘Caroline's little sister.'