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With My Feet on the Ground

Anna Hulme


No longer do I seek faith by looking up. 

I’ve become less and less traditionally religious as I’m exposed to the world. Not because I stopped believing in someone, but because I’ve finally began to believe in myself. 

So when there is no light shining from the sky, I find myself looking down to my feet. 

Grounded, strong, and well-planted. 

They heal despite the miles of senseless wandering, or the determined marching. Feet, so insignificantly small yet so strong.

And my feet are a symbol of me. 

I’m strong. I heal. I’m grounded. And despite the miles I’ve walked or wandered, they will take me there. Whether I know where I’m going or not. If I’m running or barely walking. 

There’s nothing wrong with being religious. You can praise the higher power that sits above and thank them for all the good and the bad there is in this world. But when faced with adversity, trust in yourself. 

In your resilience. 

You’re strong. You heal. You’re grounded. 

No longer should you only seek faith by looking up to the sky.


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