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Why Lana Del Rey Was Almost Canceled

Fandoms at war, angry Twitter, and a LOT of misinterpretation

Photo: Distract TV

The name Lana Del Rey might sound familiar to you if you have good taste in music, and for her devoted fans like me, it is always stressful to see her under attack by the media. Others, with the opposite point of view, were ready to summon their digital pitchforks and torches back in May after she posted a “controversial” message on her Instagram: 

Everyone has the right to have a different opinion. In my belief, that opinion should be generated after thorough reading and thinking, and this goes not only for the people angry at Lana, but also for the fans who like me could be biased when formulating a response. My goal is to analyze the controversy, bring forward the different reactions, and then give my personal thoughts.

If you go to the comment section of the post, you will find countless hateful comments, people calling her out, voicing their disappointment, calling her a Karen and a racist bitch—everything. The masses were angry. It seems to me that what they read was this: