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Why Are Ugly-Hot Guys Trending?

Is he hot-ugly or ugly-hot? Let's find out.

Timothee Chalamet attends the "Little Women" Premiere

Lately, social media has drawn attention to celebrities who don’t fit the usual stereotype of the Hollywood hottie. Along with recent necessary changes in the industry in favor of diversity—which means that everyone should be able to see themselves represented on the big screen—there have also been some changes in beauty standards for men.

These changes sparked some TikTok theories about how there are two types of guys, “Hot-Ugly” and “Ugly-Hot”—the second one being, strangely, the favorite for many. Ugly-Hot guys then began trending everywhere, and it doesn’t seem like the love for Ugly-Hot guys is fading away anytime soon. (There is also the exception that some celebs are just “Hot-Hot”—I know of a few stars who come to mind!)



Not only did this idea of Ugly-Hot go viral pretty quickly, it also ended up sending boys into existential crises over whether they were Hot-Ugly or Ugly-Hot. But, to understand which category you, your boyfriend, your crush, or your favorite celeb falls into, we need to define each category.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Hot-Ugly guys are men who fit the beauty standards that society defined long ago. Think guys with blond hair, a perfect nose, a tanned six-pack—basically dudes who look like a Ken doll. They are conventionally attractive . . . and also pretty generic-looking. You probably think they’re unb