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Why Am I 23 And Still Watching iCarly?

I think the one thing we all can agree on as we get older is that we can appreciate re-watching our old favorite shows and movies on another level.

The other day as I was scrolling through Netflix’s recommended section, I found myself beginning to play the age-old favorite, iCarly. With the newly anticipated reboot coming to select streaming service, re-watching old episodes of the childhood classic have become a new pastime.

Even though the reboot could never be as good as the original, the nostalgia of re-watching these old episodes has the effect of sparking the little kid in you!

Let’s first talk about the theme song. I don’t think there will ever be a catchier theme song that will forever live rent-free in my head. Sang by Maranda Cosgrove herself, this theme song will always be that theme song that, when you hear it, you can’t help but sing along. It’s just that good!

Source: Nickelodeon

While I began watching, however, with each episode I humor myself with, I began to think, is this what we really thought high school was like? Carly, Sam, and a bunch of their classmates squealing over the hottest boy in school breaking up with his girlfriend after 6 weeks (S1 E2) or tormenting Ms. Briggs and sneaking into her apartment (S1 E8).

And the things we found funny as kids are even funnier now because now, we just find them cringy and question how we found them funny in the first place, like Gibby ripping his shit off in the middle of Cheesecake Warehouse and dancing on the table (S1 E24).

P e e On Carl if you get the reference.

The comedic relief in this show is terrible. And I don’t mean terrible in the worst way possible. It’s funny terrible. We might not have thought so when we were kids but watching one episode after the other, I find the only real funny moments to be with Spencer Shay. The law school dropout who decided to become an artist.

Not to say that the unrequited love story between Carly and Freddy isn’t funny, but Spencer just does something to older me that I can’t help but belt out in laughter. Whether it be setting his art on fire unintentionally or just acting like a child again, He is by far the best character on the show.

I think we all have a small desire to be like Spenser. And if not, we should aspire to be like him—A free spirit who just wants to live his life happily and make art. He’s such a creative and fun-loving character that Source: Wix GIF evokes such a happy feeling in all of us. No, he’s not normal, like Carly says in season 2, episode 6, but who wants to be normal. It’s probably no fun anyway.

On the other spectrum of character, we have Lewbert, the cranky and overacting doorman of their apartment building. I think we all can be like Lewbert sometimes. Moping around and having bad attitudes over things we sometimes have no control over or don’t want to do. Maybe not to the same extreme as this strange man, screaming and throwing things, but pushing things off like schoolwork, or even work-work, and avoiding people on those bad days we all have sometimes. Perhaps there’s a Lewbert in all of us just wishing to break free and be a little more like Spencer.

When you really think about it, we all need a blond or brunette best friend and maybe even start a web show.

I hope you like this little walk down memory lane, and next time you’re feeling down, turn on some music, take your shirt off, and dance on the table like Gibby!


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