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While Instagram and Facebook Were Down...

On Monday, while Instagram and Facebook were down, other social media platforms were thriving.

Any regular TikTok or Twitter user knows that these platforms now dominate the meme/funny content department of social media. Whenever anything major happens, the best content is on these apps.

(I mean, think about the TikToks about the late Prince Philip last Spring…)

Anyway, here are some of my favorite TikToks about the temporary issues with Instagram:

This one shows the iconic thread of tweets between the social media superpowers that took place on Twitter:

As if there wasn’t enough digital chaos going on, some brands got hungry for a quick buck too. These are some real promotional emails I got on Monday afternoon:

Frasier Sterling, an accessories brand, offered an extra 50% off coupon that expired at midnight.

FashionNova sent out a 15% off coupon that also expired at midnight.

Nobody could get a grip of themselves without their favorite apps it seems.

With a new TikTok and Twitter joke to bring out the world’s internet comedians, some great deals on your favorite brands, and some inner peace that comes with a social media break, it’s almost as if without Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp that the world might have been a better place.


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