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What Not To Say To Someone With Anxiety

Words matter. Choose them carefully.

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Many people have someone they love that battles an anxiety disorder whom we want to support in every way we can. There are times where it’s appropriate to offer advice in relation to the situation your loved one is facing, but sometimes the best way to react is just by listening.

In situations where you’re trying to give advice, it’s easy to get frustrated if you feel there’s a person in your life who isn’t quite grasping the idea you’re trying to convey. However, when someone is facing a downward spiral, there are phrases to avoid saying, as they can be hurtful to those who battle with mental health daily.

“You need to up your dose of antidepressants”

Medication is a factor of mental health that’s extremely personal to an individual and their doctors. Many people spend months, or even years, trying to find the best combination of meds that work best for them.

When I’m having an anxiety attack, the last thing I want to be told is that I need to increase the dosage of antidepressants I’m on.


My journey with antidepressants has been smooth, but not everyone gets that lucky. And when our meds are unbalanced it can be very hurtful to hear that those around us insist that they know our bodies and minds better than we do.