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What Not to Do Before Getting Into a Relationship

TEN things you should NOT do before he makes you his girlfriend!

1. Do not try to show-off with expensive gifts before you guys are official

It’s always awkward when birthdays or Christmas comes along when you’re in the in-between stages of dating someone. You contemplate if you should even get him anything because it seems serious but your still not sure. Usually after I get the guy I’m dating a gift shortly after we usually stop talking right after. They keep the gifts and I get to keep all the horrible memories. But thats just my luck. If you are going to get him something let it be anything but sneakers. He’ll just walk right out of your life with the sneakers YOU bought. It’s just a set up for failure.

2. Don’t rush into a relationship, wait at least six months before making it official

Just because four months have flown by and it feels like you’ve known him your whole life, YOU DON’T. There’s more to discover in a person then in just four months of the honeymoon stage. Enjoy the early stages of getting to know someone and learning everything there is to know about them. Let him get to know you as well. The person you meet in the first two months of dating might not be the same person six months later.

3. Don’t say “I Love You” until he says it first

Ladies be brave. I know you’re eager to say "I love you" after every nice thing that he does for you in the beginning, but don’t. No matter how much you do for a guy that will never make them love you. And once he knows you love him, he'll know that he has you in the palm of his hands. There’s nothing he can do wrong because he knows you're sprung and can get away with anything. And that’s what guys do! They get you where they want you and take advantage. So just don’t say it!

4. Don’t be too clingy

I’ve always been the type of person who wants to talk to the guy I’m dating 24/7 and hang out all the time but for some guys that can be a big turn-off, especially when you aren't official yet. In my last relationship I realized that I was always the one hitting him up to hang out or calling him first but once I backed off a bit, I noticed the roles started to change a bit. He started asking me to hang out and would text me more. So when you cling less he will start to cling more, take notes!

5. Demand more or get stuck with less

Now ladies, don’t be naive when it comes to something you want in your relationship such as respect, communication, consistency and attention. If he isn’t showing you respect demand it. If there’s one thing you should never tolerate is disrespect. If communication is off and he hits you with the, “Oh I’m a bad texter” or “I don’t be on my phone a lot” he’s lying. It’s 2020, we’re always on our phone. Sounds like he just picks and chooses when he wants to talk to you. And if there’s no consistency there’s no way it’s going to work. You can’t put in 70% and only get 30% back. When your dating, both people involved must put in an equal amount of effort for it to work, and it shouldn’t be hard. If you feel like you’re trying too hard to make things work, then let it go.

6. Don’t be “Boring Betty” in the bedroom