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What Book You Should Read Based on Your College Major

Need a personalized reading recommendation? We got you. Dust off your library card because we have the perfect book for each college major to read this year.


Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982: Nam-Joo Cho

Looking for a slice of the real, working world? This Korean novel tells the story of a young woman struggling to find her place at work due to intense gender bias. Although the book takes place outside of America, the events of the novel aren't entirely different from what often occurs in the U.S. with the gender wage gap and other misogynist systems. As a business major, this book will open your eyes to real-life issues happening in your field (and in the world) right now.


The Starless Sea: Erin Morgenstern

This book may not be a classic work but it's definitely worth the read for those who love reading and writing. The Starless Sea is a whirlwind of a novel following a young man as he's sucked into a mysterious underground library. This book oozes with stories and mystery and will definitely have your book-loving heart racing. If you love cozying up with a book on a rainy fall day, this is the story you should be picking up. You'll laugh, cry, and wish you could live inside the book.

Political Science

Such a Fun Age: Kiley Reid

To be a poli-sci major, you need to know a lot about the tough issues. Therefore, this look at race, social media, and white privilege is the perfect choice for you. The novel begins when a young black woman is accused of kidnapping the white child she's babysitting and the events that follow explore the complicated landscape of racism and accountability in the U.S. today. Not only will this book inform you, but it'll also entertain you until the very end. Get ready to put your ethics goggles on!


My Year of Rest and Relaxation: Otessa Moshfegh

If you're looking for something to unpack, this novel is definitely for you. My Year of Rest and Relaxation tells the story of a woman who has decided to try and sleep for an entire year. Both darkly funny and disturbing, this book is chock-full of diagnoses and personal issues. It can be both odd and relatable, ridiculous and very human. After exploring this character's psyche, you'll know for sure if psychology is right for you.

Computer Science

Klara and the Sun: Kazuo Ishiguro

Have you ever wondered what the future of robots would look like? Kazuo Ishiguro certainly has. This science fiction novel imagines a world in which children have robots for best friends. Except this is from the perspective of the actual robots! Full of every emotion on the spectrum, this story will fill your brain to the brim and make you wonder where we really are headed with robots (and if you'll be ok with that).


We Had to Remove this Post: Hanna Bervoets

This psychological fiction novel about social media managers will be much creepier than any social media internship you've ever had. This novel follows a group of content monitors who begin to fall victim to the disturbing content and conspiracy theories they have to remove from the Internet. Full of thrill and real-life horror, this book won't let you forget about the dark side of the world wide web. It's like what you learn in class, but much more horrifying.


People We Meet on Vacation: Emily Henry

If anyone needs a vacation, teachers are at the top of the list. Hopefully, this fluffy, adventurous novel will be just the relaxing break they so desperately need. People We Meet on Vacation is about two ex-best friends that reunite for one final vacation together. As expected, this trip is far from the norm and unlocks plenty of secrets and romance. Reading this book is like its own mental vacation and offers plenty of ideas for destinations for your very own vacation. So get planning!


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