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Welcome to the 2021 Grammy Highlights

Maybe the Grammys received some backlash and had some weird matching masks, but for three and a half hours, everything felt (almost) normal.


What’s an award show without a little bit of controversy? This year, artists like Zayn Malik and The Weeknd announced their disapproval of the Grammys. Either way, there's no denying that the 2021 Grammys had some major highlights.

When they say Harry Styles is going to open the show, he’s going to open the damn show. Rocking a leather Gucci suit, Styles pulled off the ultimate rocker look. I just know these are the photos future generations are going to obsess over when

they wish they were alive during Harry's prime. But, even as an avid Harry Styles fan, I’ll admit I was a little bummed when I found out he was performing “Watermelon Sugar” again. From an album with incredible (and underperformed) songs like “She,” it seemed like the safe choice. Thankfully, I was so wrong. With the combination of the beat and vocal changes along with Styles’s playful dancing, the performance somehow managed to make it into his top live performances ever; a hard feat when you're Harry freaking Styles.

The night only got better from there. Besides the brief but sweet interaction between ex’s Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, Swift broke a Grammy record. She is the first female to win Album of the Year in three different genres. With the absolute

sensation that is Folklore, Swift’s record-breaking accomplishment is no surprise. T-Swift practically single handedly saved the music industry during this pandemic, so it’s incredible to see her receive the recognition she deserves. I’m already counting down the days till the 2022 Grammys to see what other categories Taylor can slay. Who knows, maybe next time she’ll be winning awards for Evermore and her re-releases.

Speaking of breaking records, how is nine year-old Blue Ivy’s win not the youngest in Grammy history? Shockingly, that claim goes to Leigh Peasall of The Peasall Sisters, who was eight at the time of her win in 2002. Still, being the second

youngest person ever to win a Grammy is nothing to laugh about. I mean, of course it’s Blue Ivy – her dad Jay-Z and mom Beyoncé (who just set her own record) are amongst the top Grammy winners of all time. Something tells me the 2021 Grammys are only the beginning for future record-setter, Blue Ivy.

Of course, we can’t forget about the bombshell that is Billie Eilish’s wig. Speculation began when Eilish covered her hairline with a crystal headpiece and bucket hat. After the Grammys, Eilish confirmed she is now a blonde in this Tik Tok video. Her acknowledgement of Megan Thee Stallion was also pretty iconic. It was the complete opposite of the Kanye mic-bomb at Taylor Swift's 2009 VMA's win and I was definitely here for it.

The past year might have been absolutely whack, but the 2021 Grammys were a nice break from everything else going on. Seeing people gathered was exciting and the record setting night is one that will go down in history. Now let’s just hope that by next year, matching masks are a thing of the past.


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