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WandaVision: Welcome to Phase 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe strikes again and this time, it’s in the form of a TV show based on different decades of TV. Except, it’s so much more.


If you’re an avid fan of the MCU like me, then you’ll know it’s all about Easter Eggs and future connections. When WandaVision was officially announced back in 2019, I knew I was going to watch the weekly uploads on Disney+. It’s one of the most expensive TV shows made to date and I want the bragging right to tell my future kids that I watched it as it was happening, but more than that, I wanted to find all of the connections and immediately start predicting Marvel’s Phase 4.

WandaVision didn’t disappoint, especially with its Phase 4 set-up. I was hooked from the double-header release that saw a black and white 50’s themed Wanda and **spoiler** a very much alive Vision in the small town of Westview, New Jersey. From conversations I’ve had with friends, I know not everyone was drawn in right away, but I did find the ones who were confused didn’t have a strong prior knowledge of the MCU. If this sounds like you, maybe it’s best to take some time to binge the entire canon in chronological order. Either way, fear not - if the first two episodes didn’t hook you, the rest of the show will.

From here, there will be plenty of spoilers - you have been warned!

My main takeaway from WandaVision? Wanda Maximoff A.K.A. Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckoned with. And I can’t WAIT to see what she does next.

Twist after twist, the show tactfully reveals the insane reality warping powers that Wanda has been harboring. Constructing an entire city that she has full control of? Being able to even control the townspeople? Making it into a TV show that fits the stereotypes of each decade with each new episode? Scary but badass.

We were also introduced to some amazing new characters. From Jimmy Woo to