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Unusual Celebrity Costumes to Use as Inspo For Halloween

These celebrities threw out the Halloween handbook, so why can’t you?

Two skeleton near a building with neon lights
Unsplash | NeONBRAND

Spooky season is here and it's time to decide what to dress up as for Halloween. Of course, there are the expected costumes to choose from: superheroes, characters from TV (how many people this year are going to put on a tracksuit and call it an homage to Squid Game?), or the classic sexy nurse, or Playboy Bunny, or It clown—but those are boring.

It's been predicted on TikTok that a lot of people will use TV shows like WandaVision or events like the Met Gala as inspiration for this year's Halloween, but at the end of the day, it's the creative and unusual costumes that’ll stand out at the party.

What better way to get inspired than to look through some of the best celebrity costumes over the years? Most of the time, their unusual costume ideas go viral or impress the media not only because they’re different or over-the-top, but because they’re actually replicable—and on a budget, too.

So, for this Halloween, here are some . . . interesting celebrity costumes and how to create a dupe version of them!

Katy Perry as a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto