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TikToker Jen Nicole Is on a Self-Love Journey

Jen Nicole, known for her skit acting and self-love advocacy, downloaded TikTok during the first lockdown in 2020. A year later, she has over 1M followers and is continuing to grow.

While speaking with Jen, it was clear that she’s passionate about creating content and regardless of her number of followers, she truly enjoys using the app and connecting with her viewers.

In August, Jen created the character "Taelynnn," an employee at a tanning salon, after she saw a lot of POV videos on her ‘For You’ page. She knew that her friends would enjoy the videos, but soon realized that her content was going viral. Throughout the past months, Jen has gained more views, likes, and followers and is still just as surprised when she hits a new milestone.

“The only people on my following list were my friends and family. Everyone kind of wonders if their video will go viral, but you don’t really expect it to,” Jen said.

Jen also uses her platform to talk about mental health and self-love by creating content that brings light to eating disorders, body image, and the importance of mental health. Jen speaks to users on the app as if they are her close friends, which gives her viewers a sense of comfort.

Although TikTok is a great platform to showcase art, talent, humor and more, many creators have struggled with the hateful and negative comments left on their videos from strangers. Jen has received a lot of vocalized negativity and body shaming on her content. Unable to ignore it, she chooses to take the time to process it.

“That’s probably been one of the most difficult parts for me. I’m someone who is a people pleaser and by nature I want to make those around me happy and satisfied. When I feel like I'm not, it gives me anxiety,” said Jen.

While still affected and hurt by their words, her goal is to not give strangers control over her well-being. By responding in a positive way, she shows her followers that she loves herself, regardless of the hateful comments she receives.

Her content has given many people who struggle with body image and self-love a reason to feel beautiful. Jen is glad she can be that safe space for her viewers, especially young girls, while also continuing to work through her journey of self-love.

“Find those tiny moments in the day that make you feel very good and whole and my advice is to let it consume you the same way the dark thoughts do. That's the only way we’re ever going to get closer to a happier, healthier relationship with our mind and body.”


Follow Jen on TikTok & Instagram: @jen_nicole33

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