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TikTok’s Newest Inside Joke: Bones Day or No Bones Day

Another trend takes over TikTok, as a pug and its owner create the latest inside joke on the app… Bones Day versus No Bones Day.

PC: @jongraz on TikTok

The pug named Noodles has gone viral because Jonathan Graziano, who goes by the handle @jongraz on TikTok, has gained fame and followers by posting his dog daily.

Noodles is a 13-year-old pug whose owner wakes him up every day by lifting him onto his feet, manually. If Noodles stands up on his own, it’s a “Bones Day,” and if Noodles falls back over, it’s a “No Bones Day.”

TikTok has taken this little old pug and turned him into a daily motivation for self care. Many of Noodles’ fans have begun to follow his daily horoscope readings.

A Bones Day should motivate you to treat yourself, get a lot done, and take risks. Here are some people following the rules of a Bones Day:

However, on a No Bones Day, one should have a chill day, not overwork themselves, and have a relaxing day.

Sometimes a No Bones Day looks like pure relaxation, and the perfect day off everybody deserves:

There is a fun sense of community that TikTok trends tend to offer us, and Noodles jelly legs might just be the best one yet.

(PS: Today’s a No Bones Day :))


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