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The problem with having high expectations of love

Wanna know a secret?

I’m a completely hopeless romantic…

I might roll my eyes when I see couples holding hands, pretend to hate rom-coms, or act like I loveeee the single life but deep down inside I’m jealous. To quote the iconic Julia Roberts from the movie Pretty Woman:

“I want the fairytale.”

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So what exactly are my expectations when it comes to love? It’s pretty simple:

-Bump into a handsome stranger by accident

-Instantly hit it off and swap numbers

-Go on a ton of cute dates together

-Make out to a super romantic song

-Run off into the sunset together

Totally realistic, right?





Yeah not really….

While there’s nothing wrong with being romantic, there can be a slight problem if you’re the type of person to start planning your wedding on the second date.

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Having low standards can be dangerous, but it can also be a major problem if they’re too high.

If you hype up your expectations too much, it’ll be impossible to ever reach them.

Unrealistic expectations of love can make it impossible to ever enjoy yourself.


Instead of trying to find the perfect match, sometimes it’s okay to just have a good time. Remember that when you’re young, relationships don’t always have to be this super serious thing.

Not every person you’re ever going to meet will be ‘the one.’ Sometimes that cute guy on Tinder will end up being a fuckboy. Or the girl in your class just isn’t going to be into you.

The key to avoiding unrealistic expectations is to separate fantasy from reality.

Meeting your soulmate at the airport? Unlikely.

Never having any problems or disagreements with your significant other? Probably not.

Falling in love with a stranger and getting married a few months after? No way.

Finding out you’re a princess and having your best friend’s brother confess his love to you after all this time? (Unfortunately) no.

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If you’re a romantic person, embrace it! Keep on watching those Netflix rom-coms, listening to Taylor Swift songs, and writing secret love letters. Just remember to be realistic when it comes to romance.

If you’re not in the mood for anything serious, that’s fine too! It’s completely fine if you’re more interested in a hookup than a husband.

At the end of the day, love isn’t always like the movies.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth finding. Just remember to keep realistic expectations when you’re searching for it.


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