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Having Low Standards Can Be Deadly

Why aren't your standards as high as your sex drive?

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Society’s way of separating the pretty from the ugly, the good from the bad, and the douchebags from the gentlemen.

As you may know, sometimes people go after what’s easy in order to receive instant gratification, when in reality, we should be searching for the best possible fit.

The one phrase I’ve heard the most in my nineteen years is:

Don't settle for less.

It annoys the fuck out of me because I know it’s true, but sometimes I really don’t mind settling. I want to mess around, make tons of mistakes, and keep my expectations low. This way when it ends I know I won’t be absolutely devastated by the 'loss' of him.

That being said, I'm not going to tell you that you should always have high standards in your dating life because you already know that's what you deserve.

What I will say is this: you’re allowed to have low standards. It's perfectly fine, BUT… let’s not bring them all the way to rock bottom.


There’s a certain point when you have to call it for the sake of your life, your mental health, or maybe because the situation is just a mess.

Ladies, I’m talking about the times when you’re gushing about how your date went great because your Tinder match didn’t slip anything into your drink.

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Don’t be that girl. Giving them credit for not doing something completely inhumane is not good for you or your standards.

It’s funny to joke about the psychotic tendencies of men (like who tf roofies people for fun?) but in all honesty, there’s a little truth behind it that should tell you the bar is a tiny bit too low.

Guys, I’m talking about the nights where you’re reassuring your friends that although she’s been acting bitchy all night, she’s still a good lay.

“Who the fuck does this girl think she is?” -friends
“It’s fine guys, I'm just dealing with her shit now so I can get laid later.” -man, anonymous

If “getting some” is all you care about, then sure, go for it. But if you’re looking for something a little more meaningful than a hookup, don’t start making excuses for her actions and take the signs as they come.

If there’s an attitude early on and even the people around you recognize it as an issue, trust that maybe you shouldn’t go there with that person. Saving yourself from toxic situations is a skill that takes a few meltdowns and many pillow screams to master.

Regardless of where your standards lead you, respect should (at the very least) be present in any interaction.

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Unless you have a thing for insults or want to go viral on TikTok...

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One thing to take into consideration is this:

Your low standards may be high standards to someone else.

Society has got to stop telling people who we should and shouldn't be dating. More importantly, people should stop comparing who we choose to date to how we view ourselves.

If I, a pale white girl from CT, want to date a dude twice my size who's covered in tats, then I will. As long as he doesn’t threaten to step on me.

Like I said, this tatted-up guy could be one of the most intellectual people I’ve ever met but to everyone else (like my mom), he could seem like a major downgrade.

What matters most is that you feel like you’re spending time with someone who’s worth it. And if you know they’re not worth it, then at least make sure you’re getting something out of it.


If you’re going to have low standards, just try to stay away from the real scummy ones and please listen to your gut.

If your gut is telling you to run in the opposite direction, I would probably do just that.

God knows what picture they would use for your Amber Alert.

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