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There Was Major Bullying On The Bachelor, And Everyone's Okay With That?

We need to do better and stand against women/women fighting.


As a fan of true love and romance shows, I started watching “The Bachelor” a few years ago with my sister and my friends. We would drink rosé, make aesthetic charcuterie boards, and root for our favorite couples on the show. We would often laugh at all the cringe moments, and occasionally dramatize the feuds between contestants.

But after watching season 25 of “The Bachelor” with Matt James, I have a completely different perspective and opinion. It has been rumored by previous contestants on social media, like Dylan Harbour and Jed Wyatt, that the series is completely manipulated by the producers, and there is little to no free will for the contestants on the show.

Like always, I started watching the new season in January but quickly vowed to never watch the show again after viewing an incident of bullying. To briefly explain the incident that I am referring to, on week three of this season, a contestant was severely bullied in a group setting by 15 other women.

I am not the only viewer that now has a different perspective on the show after watching this season.

Senior at Sacred Heart University, Kali D’ Agostinis said, “I most definitely think bullying is a major theme of the show this season and is highlighted throughout the episodes more than the lead is highlighted which is sickening”.

The contestant who was bullied during the episode was told in general terms, that her feelings were not valid. She was called calculated, manipulative, and toxic, and the other contestants threatened her living situation, saying it would be “horrible” among the group. The contestant who was the victim said that she felt emotionally beat up and she was even mocked for taking Xanax.